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Sunset Lake began in 1822 when a natural granite channel was filled to form Clements Mill Pond.  The water flow through the channel was used to power a waterwheel gristmill.


Following the dam break in 1908, the property then know as Alfords Mills Pond fell to neglect after unsuccessful attempts to use the area to raise rice and corn.



In 1923, fifty families from the City of Raleigh purchased the property, rebuilt the dam, restored the lake, built a spacious clubhouse and formed the Sunset Lake Sportsman Club.  The new facility became a gathering place for the families to fish, swim, hunt duck and celebrate the holidays.


Following the Depression, the property was sold at auction and resold several times.  During the drought of 1953, the Lake saved Raleigh by supplying two millions gallons of water a day pumped from the lake and delivered in rail cars.  The existing mill was destroyed shortly thereafter when a 19 year old construction worker ignited fuel.


In July 1985, the Lea family sold the property consisting of the 125 acre lake, dam, clubhouse and common area to developer who agreed to maintain the lake’s name.  Part of the mill base can still be seen near the dam.


From this rich history came the beautiful residential neighborhoods now known as Sunset Lake – Southside, Village and Estates.  Peaceful walking trails and landscaped property come together at the elegantly restored lodge now used as the neighborhood’s Clubhouse.

Our Vision:
To protect, preserve, and enhance our unique history and natural beauty.



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